Smoking makes you look older. That’s a fact. Smoking actually deprives your skin of oxygen as well as dehydrates it. When you quit smoking, your skin will become smoother, softer and more radiant. Of course, that’s a very simplistic explanation. According to dermatologist Dr. Nicholas Perricone, author of The Perricone Prescription agrees that the ‘effects of smoking in terms of ageing are significant.’ When a person inhales just one puff of cigarette smoke, more than a trillion free radicals are produced in the lungs. These trigger an inflammatory response circulating throughout the body.

Cigarette smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals such as carbon monoxide that can actually age you. In addition, nicotine, a major component of cigarettes, causes the blood to constrict and reduces the supply of oxygen to the tissues of the skin. Vitamin C, an important part of collagen production, is also depleted when a person smokes. Finally, smoking creates changes at the cellular level that interferes with the formation of fibroblasts, cells that form connective tissues in the skin.

Indirectly, the action of smoking, the way you purse and pucker your lips and face to while inhaling a cigarette can help cause wrinkles. This creates a condition, known as ‘smoker’s face’.  It is defined as the following:

Lines or wrinkles on the face, particularly radiating at right angles from the upper and lower lips or corners of the eyes, deep lines on the cheeks or numerous shallow lines on the cheeks and lower jaw.  This includes a subtle gauntness of the features with a prominence of the underlying bony contours and a grayish tinge to the skin, or pallor.

Of course, you can take action against this damage with antioxidants, but the best way to reduce and even reverse this damage is to stop smoking. The sooner you quit, the better it is for your skin.

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